Agency History

The beginnings of USA Specialty go back to 2006 where the main target audience was personal lines in the State of Florida as a family business. In 2016 there was a change in administration with a new vision to take USA Specialty to new levels in the insurance industry, whilst keeping the tradition of a family business with an emphasis on expanding the agency into new territories focusing more on marketing, sales and technology in the commercial lines and new business innovations. Investing more of our assets on developing our team to be more efficient and highly trained in their prospective fields.

Mission Statement

Offer a perfect understanding of our customers needs in order to provide them an excellent professional service, confidence and security in the future of their businesses with optimum solutions based on our committed and highly trained team and continuous company innovations.
Our purpose is to build long term relationships between customers and providers with total respect to the law, society and environment.
Our main objective is to generate confidence, agility and safety to our clients.

Vision Statement

By 2020 USA Specialty aims to become one of the most recognized and respectful insurance agencies in The United States that supplies our clients with the confidence to protect their assets and secure their future needs, by offering them the best added value services.

Our principles and values

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