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Liability Policy Insurance


Trucking is a risky business. Protect your trucks against third-party damage to people and property by obtaining the right trucking liability insurance. We analyze your needs thoroughly to offer suitable and affordable plans.

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Physical Damage

Physical Damage (PD)

A non-mandatory primary coverage for carriers. It aims to secure the material property of the policyholder, like your truck.It protects your vehicle and its equipment against any damage caused by natural disasters, theft or fire, collision or overturn.

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Motor Truck Cargo

Motor Truck Cargo (MTC)

MTC insurance is mandatory coverage for carriers (according to their classification). It protects the product or cargo of a third party transported in the trailer against any risk of physical loss or damage during transit, loading, or unloading.

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Trailer Interchange

Trailer Interchange (TI)

This coverage ensures Physical Damage (PD), for any amount and type of trailer that must be constantly changed in operation. It is only mandatory for units that are being paid to financial institutions.

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General Liability

General Liability

Comprehensive coverage for all trucking businesses. It increases the scope and limit of existing policies while offering protection against defamation, third-party damage, and injuries. The benefits apply to Liability, General Liability, and Motor Truck Cargo coverages.

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Bobtail & Non Trucking Liability

Coverage that offers liability protection when the truck is in operation for non-commercial or dispatch activities. It provides coverage even if the tractor has a trailer hooked, given it is empty.

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workers' compensation

Workers' Compensation

Coverage that protects employees in case of a job-related injury (including death) due to an accident or occupational disease. The compensation is disbursed as per the insurance terms and conditions.

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It is an extension to increase the limits of the policies. It offers comprehensive coverage, including any injury, property damage, lawsuits, and other liability situations.

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Excess Liability

Increases the limit of existing coverage chosen by the client. Trucking businesses get additional coverage with excess liability truck insurance.

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Get the coverages to work with Amazon or at any port.

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Port Truck

We cover all types of Trucks

Whether you have a small truck or an entire fleet, we have the perfect insurance. Discover our wide range of options and protect your investment with confidence. We can access risk retention groups in case you need it.

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