Commercial Auto Insurance

We understand the risks and challenges of operating a trucking business. That’s why we’re committed to providing our clients the best coverage and support possible.

We work with over 35 insurance companies with A, B, Risk Retention, and Non-Rate ratings. We are confident that with our consultancy, you will find a commercial insurance policy that fits the needs and budget of your transportation company, including coverage for accidents, cargo, and liability.

You can trust that you’re getting the best possible value for your insurance premiums. Whether you’re a small independent owner-operator or a large fleet operator, we’re dedicated to helping you protect your livelihood and achieve long-term success.

Liability Policy Insurance


A mandatory policy that covers damages to third parties: Damage to People and Property Damage.

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Physical Damage

Physical Damage (PD)

It is a non-mandatory primary coverage for carriers. It is the way to secure the material property of the policyholder. Coverages: Damage caused by natural disasters, theft or fire; collision or overturn.

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Motor Truck Cargo

Motor Truck Cargo (MTC)

Mandatory coverage for carriers (according to their classification). This coverage protects the product or cargo of a third party transported in the trailer.

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Trailer Interchange

Trailer Interchange (TI)

This coverage ensures in Physical Damage (PD) any amount and type of trailer that is required to be constantly changed in the operation. "It will only be mandatory for units that are being paid to financial institutions".

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General Liability

General Liability

A coverage for jobs that suffer negligence. It increases the limit of existing coverage. It can be applied to Liability, General Liability, and Motor Truck Cargo coverages.

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Bobtail & Non Trucking Liability

Coverage that offers liability protection when the truck is being operated for non-commercial or dispatch activities, even if the tractor has a trailer hooked but must be empty.

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workers' compensation

Workers' Compensation

Coverage that protects an employee of a job-related injury (including death), due to an accident or occupational disease.

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This is an extension to increase the limits of the policies that have been taken by the client.

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Excess Liability

Increases the limit of existing coverage chosen by the client.

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Get the coverages to work with Amazon or at any port.

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Port Truck

We cover all types of Trucks

Whether you have a small truck or an entire fleet, we have the perfect insurance. Discover our wide range of options and protect your investment with confidence.

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