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Get coverage for hospitalization expenses, daycare procedures, & critical illnesses. 

At Preventty, we analyze your unique requirements and help you evaluate your best insurance options. Our team offers you honest guidance to select a health insurance plan suitable to your health needs and budget.  Health expenses are one of the principal bankrupt causes in the US. Protect your savings, and do not allow health emergencies to drain your family savings.  

Let us help you find an affordable healthcare plan with OBAMACARE. Whether you need individual health insurance, family health insurance or health insurance for truck drivers OBAMACARE can be beneficial.There are two periods during the year when you can enroll:

Qualified life events to obtain your health insurance during Special Enrollment

Health insurance according to your age

People under 65

People under 65 years old can apply to obtain the grant with the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) and have access to a health insurance plan that covers the 10 health essential benefits. A health insurance plan can be obtained individually, with your family or through an employer.

People over 65

People over 65 years old can apply to the federal health insurance MEDICARE , which it counts with 4 coverages. Medicare A: Hospitalization insurance. Medicare B: medical coverages to pay doctors services. Medicare D: Ambulatory services with partial coverage for mediceines. Medicare C or advantage: special needs.

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    Health Essential Benefits



    Rehabilitation services

    Ambulatory services

    Maternity and newborn care

    Prescription drugs

    Laboratory services

    Prevention services

    Pediatric services

    Treatment of Dental Diseases

    What a Hispanic in US should know
    to obtain Health Insurance

    A health Insurance is an agreement between you and an insurance company responsible to pay the totality or a percentage of a medical attention. The insurance company can cover medical treatments, medicines, medical appointments, tests, hospitalizations, rehabilitation services, emergencies, dental treatments, maternity, and pediatric services. The total or partial coverage of the attention will depend on the plan purchased.

    Health insurance is used to covers eventual health needs such as accidents, diseases, injuries, or preventive medical attention. These will depend on the policy conditions you obtained.

    Having a health insurance is important because it allows you to be protected against any risk or eventual health situation such as disease, accident at work or home, a future medical treatment. Having a health insurance can avoid a financial tragedy since it supports the loans you have during your disease.

    OBAMACARE is the name by which it is known the affordable health care law (Affordable Care Act, ACA) signed in 2010. The purpose of this law is decreasing the costs of health insurance and promote the health services to be available to everyone.

    ACA Law provides grants to people to obtain health insurance. The grants are given according to the annual income submitted in the Tax Report.

    To be eligible and apply to OBAMACARE, it is necessary to have defined a migratory status in the US. You need to be a citizen, resident, has a work permit, have the I-797 certificate or be in the process of political asylum. It is also necessary to submit the annual tax report.

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