Better rates for truckloads to Canada

July 5, 2022 Commercial Truck Insurance

If you are a Trucker, you should know that obtaining better-paid loads is an excellent incentive since it allows you greater financial stability and helps you grow your transport business. Here we tell you all the details so you can easily access cargo to Canada.

Why transporting loads to Canada is a good option?

As the owner of a Reefer, Dryvan, or Flatbed truck, hauling loads to Canada presents an excellent opportunity for your transport company. Canada experiences a constant demand for fresh vegetables, which are transported in Reefer trucks or Flatbeds from regions like Utah, California, Oregon, Washington, and Wyoming.

Moreover, Canada also requires the transportation of construction equipment, materials, machinery, and auto parts, predominantly by flatbed trucks, from ports in California.

Several market factors favor cargo transportation to Canada, making it an attractive prospect for transport companies looking to expand and grow their business. Some of these factors include:

  • Competitive rates
    Depending on the route and the type of cargo you transport, you will likely find competitive rates within the trucking industry for your transportation services to Canada. Once you find these options and decide to take them, you will see a significant increase in your earnings.
  • Accelerated eCommerce
    With the growing popularity of electronic commerce, the demand for logistics and transportation services has surged. As more people rely on e-commerce, the relevance of timely payments to truckers becomes increasingly competitive within the land transport industry.
  • Increase your networking and growth of your business
    By working international routes, you can make new contacts and expand your business network, which can lead to more job opportunities and possible partnerships in the future that will benefit the expansion of your transportation company.
  • Unlock New Horizons for Your Transportation Company
    Expand your network and boost business growth. By venturing into international routes, you open doors to countless opportunities. Networking with global partners allows you to forge valuable connections and secure profitable partnerships. Many successful transportation companies have seen remarkable growth by leveraging international routes to gain new clients, contracts, and a competitive edge. Embrace the global stage and watch your business soar.

Diesel cost coverage

Let’s remember that today the price of Diesel is a headache for everyone in this industry. However, obtaining better-paid loads is a great incentive to cover these types of expenses that, at first glance, do not seem very relevant but, in short, end up meaning a high budget within your finances.

What do you need to transport cargo to Canada?

To transport loads to Canada, you will need a special permit: Canada Trucking Permit. To process this permit, your trucking company needs to meet the following requirements:

  • Having an Interstate transport company ensures you can work throughout the United States.
  • Be current with the FMCSA.
  • Have Liability coverage for at least one million dollars.
  • Current Canada Bond.

Preventty- USA Specialty Insurance, together with its business partners USA Truck Brokers and Personal Truck Services, can:

  • Advise your business to obtain permission to Canada.
  • Verify if your transport company complies with the coverage to apply for the permit.
  • Obtain round-trip loads for your truck, thus increasing your profits.

In summary,

If what you are looking for is to improve your income and ensure your future and your’s family, the fact of having a company with all the permits up to date or being an entrepreneur guaranteed to enter loads from the United States to Canada is a great advantage to promote and Secure your family wealth.

Keep in mind the essential commercial relationship that both countries have and the significant influence of the United States economy in the Canadian market since around 31 states in the United States classify Canada as their primary export market.

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