Pros & Cons of working as a truck driver with Amazon

October 4, 2022 Commercial Truck Insurance

Working as a truck driver for Amazon offers some pros, especially if you are starting to know the Trucking Industry. This American e-commerce company can work in many cases as the front door to show up in light of a broad portfolio of brokers.

To start working with Amazon, you might register into its platform, which is very easy to use and allows you to do the enrollment process in simplified and practical terms.

As in any work, you will find Pros & Cons. Then, we are sharing with you some advantages and disadvantages of being part of the e-commerce leader in the US.


  • Contracts: Amazon, in general, offers the best loads to responsible and committed carriers with a good record. Truck Drivers with good records get contracts directly from Amazon. This way, they do not need to log in constantly to their dashboard to look for loads.
  • Health insurance coverage: working with Amazon offers the possibility of getting health insurance coverage and choosing between different plans, including drug coverage prescribed by a professional. Also, you can benefit from dental and vision checkups to guarantee your wellness.
  • Financial Security: if you are a full-time truck driver, you can be eligible for the 401 K Amazon Program, a saving plan for your retirement that allows Amazon employees to invest a part of their salary in long-term investments. You can also have access to Life Insurance and the payment for disability in the short and long term.
  • High growth potential: with Amazon, you have access to thousands of daily loads, which can help you have a better profit for your business and a broad portfolio with a variety of options you can choose according to your needs.
  • High Tech Equipment: Amazon counts on tech tools to simplify operations and achieve ease and effectiveness in load transportation.

So far, you can think that there are no cons to working with Amazon, but you might always get informed before taking any decision.


  • Although Amazon has thousands of daily loads, they do not have better rates per mile; thus, many truck drivers choose to work with Amazon, especially to have job stability, not for profitability. In addition, it is usual to find many loads for small trucks, while the loads for big trucks are less frequent.
  • Being a company where the sales vary according to season, it is usual to see ups and downs that affect the economy of the truck drivers; thus, it is necessary to have self-reliance and better financial control.


With this in mind, our recommendation is not to be labor dependent on Amazon or any broker; in contrast, it is ideal for diversifying and broadening their portfolio to count on more and better opportunities in the market. One of the Brokerage companies we recommend is USA Truck Brokers.

Remember to verify that your trucking insurance policy is requested to work with Amazon Freight; this is crucial to access their benefits.

If you have any doubt about the right trucking insurance policy to work with Amazon, Preventty – USA Specialty Insurance can help you. Contact us at or chat with us through WhatsApp.