Thank you, truckers!

September 12, 2022 Commercial Truck Insurance

As part of the transportation industry, we know our client’s daily operations. We know their job’s importance and impact on everyday life; without their job, we could not enjoy all the benefits and privileges we count on today.

Have you imagined how it would be arriving at your office and not having the tools necessary to develop your tasks? Or, how would it be to come to your house and not be able to prepare dinner because there is no food? It is usual to go to the hospital if you feel sick and get attention with the ideal equipment, but have you thought how different this scenario would be if a truck driver had not driven the medicine you need to feel better? It is hard to imagine our reality if we do not count on people doing this vital job.


At Preventty – USA Specialty Insurance, we celebrate National Truck Driver Appreciation Week, acknowledge all truck drivers’ valuable work, and show our sincere gratitude. Thank you, truckers! Our team says thank you!


“We want to thank you for the confidence you have in us. It is a pleasure to help you grow your trucking companies and boost your life projects for your family’s welfare. Thank you for the job you do daily on the roads, notwithstanding the difficulties. Today we want to remind you to count on Preventty’s family”.



“On behalf of Preventty, we want to thank you for your trust and confidence, we truly appreciate your business, and we want to grow with your company. Our team strives daily to improve and ensure you experience the best service possible. Thank you for your encouragement; we wouldn’t be where we are today without you”.



“Truckers, you are a fundamental part of the country’s economy. Our insurance agency has grown thanks to you. You have fulfilled your dreams, and we have ours. THANK YOU!”.


“We know truck drivers are almost always inside a truck, spending most of their time on the road, yet they are always willing to collaborate with us; We’re a team. More than a sale, our relationship with you becomes a relationship that sometimes even ends in a beautiful friendship. Thank you for such a beautiful job you do. Thanks to you, I can fulfill my dreams and those of my family”.



Thank you for placing your trust in our agency. Thank you for teaming up with us and your desire to succeed with your transportation company. You are part of this family, and it is an honor to have you with us. We know that it is not easy, but even so, you always take risks on the road.
Andrea and Laura

Remember that at Preventty-USA Specialty Insurance, we are always available to advise you and provide you with the best care when you need it. Together we can make your business prosper as you have dreamed.
Happy Trucker Week! Thanks, truckers!