A lousy driver selection process can affect the cost of your commercial trucking insurance

April 11, 2023 Commercial Truck Insurance

When you decide to look for trucking insurance quotes, it is vital to consider the information of the truck driver who will drive the truck since a driver with a bad record can affect the cost of your commercial trucking insurance. Below we share some recommendations to make your quoting process as efficient as possible.

What makes your trucking company a good candidate to choose the insurance you need at a reasonable price? The record of the drivers you hire, or if you are the driver, can cause a cost increase in commercial insurance. Below we share other aspects that can also affect the price, keep each of them in mind since they influence the quotes and prices when accessing commercial insurance for your truck.

MVR Status

The most relevant requirement is The Motor Vehicle Record (MVR): the complete driving history record compiled in a single document. All traffic violations, fines, and accidents the driver has had throughout his driving experience are recorded here. This document reviews data such as the date of issue of the first license, expiration date, and how many violations the driver has had during the period registered with said license number.

When the driver has committed many infractions, he may have difficulties quoting good commercial insurance, and the insurer may even reject his quote request from the outset. The description of all the specifications corresponding to each infraction is mandatory, such as the date and circumstances of the accident. The greater the number of violations, the less favorable the quotes you will receive since this represents a risk for insurance companies.

The cases in which there is no accident or infraction, and the driver has more than two years of experience, are considered good prospects to negotiate and hire their services.

Industry experience

The time of experience is essential since it allows us to analyze whether the driver has been responsible and has fully complied with the provisions of the law throughout the operation period. In general, within the industry, people with a minimum of two years of experience are sought.

Driver age

Age is another fact to consider; generally, the age range with the most significant demand for hiring is from 30 to 50 years. In case of exceeding this age range, you must present the updated Medi-caid form to demonstrate that you are fit to drive a commercial vehicle.

Driver selection process

Not all driver selection processes are the same since each transport company has its methodology. However, some common facts, such as the request for documentation, become a fundamental process to obtain a good quote; for example, the MVR and medical examinations to verify if there is drug use.

In summary,

To achieve a reasonable price in your commercial insurance quote, you must comply with a good MVR through good behavior on the road; do not engage in distracting activities while driving; this includes using a cell phone to talk or text, eating, using a computer, GPS or MP3 player, putting on makeup, or any other activity that takes your eyes off the road.

Keep your documentation and that of your truck up to date. Remember that at Preventty – Insurance Agency, we have a team of professionals willing to advise you on whatever you need to get a reasonable price on commercial truck insurance.