What is a Claim and how to report it?

August 9, 2022 Commercial Truck Insurance

A claim must be reported immediately to the commercial insurance company when you suffer a road accident. The estimated term for registration is 10 days, after this time the case is considered late and this may jeopardize the status of the policy.

Most reported claims

The most reported claims are part of three main coverages: Liability, Cargo and Physical damage. In case of an accident, keep in mind the following information to make the correct report according to the type of claim.

Liability (Responsibility to third parties)

Any incident that has caused damage to third parties, regardless of severity or guilt, must be reported to the insurance company as soon as possible.

For said report, basic and necessary information must be included, such as: date, time, place where the events occurred, identification of the vehicle involved and a brief description of what happened. It is important that you pay attention to the calls or messages that you receive since while the process progresses you will be asked for additional information as required by your insurance company.

Cargo (Responsibility to cargo)

It takes place when, due to different circumstances, a cargo is lost or is not delivered in the right conditions, therefore the broker ends up rejecting it, and the report is made to the cargo company in order for them to handle the situation.

Physical Damage

It happens when the client is involved in an accident and the vehicle suffers some damage.

Both in this and in the cases previously mentioned, it is recommended to report the claim during the first 48 hours, either through our telephone line, website or email.

Claim registration process

Preventty, as an insurance agency, receives your information and reports it to the company in question, who assigns an adjuster to investigate the circumstances surrounding the case and assess whether the policy specifications are met. You should know that the process of resolving a claim can take several months, therefore it is very important to have your cooperation and willingness to receive e-mail messages and phone calls, as this is essential for the resolution of the case. As your insurance agents, we will be accompanying you and helping with all the concerns that may arise and the requirements that your insurance company may make.

You must bear in mind that the final decision of the disbursement depends entirely on the insurance company (not on Preventty) and the coverage of the policy is subject to all the information compiled and evaluated by the adjuster since there are many factors that can influence at the moment whether or not to settle a loss.

Recommendations in case of accident

To speed up the management of claims, we recommend you contact the insurance company directly after suffering any accident, for this you can use the ID card that is given to you when you purchase your policy, there you will find all the contact numbers you may need. If you report the loss to the respective insurance company, it is very important that you let us know so that we can also be aware of how the case is progressing and do the respective follow-up. As a second option, you can contact us (Preventty) to accompany the entire process from the beginning.

We recommend that in the event of an accident, you go to a workshop where they can make an estimate of the cost of the repairs and then send us said estimate, since this, and in general all attempts to mitigate the damage, are considered by the insurance company at the time of settling the claim.

It may happen that after an accident, you are contacted by several adjusters who will request a series of information and documents to manage the payment of the policy, this is completely normal. However, from Preventty we take care of giving each of the processes an order to have traceability and move forward efficiently.

In conclusion, these are the basic specifications that you must meet for the claim process and the validity of your policy to be carried out:

  • That the vehicle is listed in the policy as well as the driver
  • That products listed in the policy are being transported
  • That all the conditions of the policy are fully complied with

We ensure that your health and safety are a priority!. By clicking here you can report your Claims 24/7 a and one of our insurance advisors will get in touch with you as soon as possible.