Apply to Obamacare at any time of the year

January 24, 2023 Health & Life Insurance

You can apply for health insurance with Obamacare at any time of the year; there is no need to wait for the Open Enrollment season. Many people need to be aware of this information, but here we tell you how to do it.

Obamacare is not health insurance; it is the name of the ACA Law, which grants subsidies to all residents of the USA, including Hispanics. Health insurance helps people not spend their savings or endanger family assets by assuming expenses related to emergencies, accidents, hospitalizations, or medication prescriptions to treat any disease.

All people can apply to Obamacare to have a subsidy and pay for health insurance at the time of the year they want as long as something has changed in their life and they meet any of the following special conditions:

  • You recently got married.
  • You changed city or Zip Code.
  • You changed jobs, and you are earning more or less money.
  • You managed to get a work permit.
  • You applied for your residency.
  • A new member has arrived in your family: a baby was born, or you adopted a child.
  • Someone in your family died.

If you meet any of the above conditions and have a defined immigration status, you are eligible for the Obamacare subsidy. Remember that you can benefit from applying and paying USD 0 per month. In other cases, depending on the annual value you declare in your taxes, you can access monthly plans from $5 USD. The decision to renew or access health insurance from 0 depends 100% on you, but remember that an illness or an accident can occur when you least expect it, and it is always best to have the financial support that can cover the rising medical expenses.

Requirements to apply for your health insurance

Before applying, make sure you meet the two essential requirements that are:

1- Have defined immigration status; you must be in the country with a work permit, with an I-797 certificate, in the process of political asylum, and be a citizen or resident.
2- You must report your taxes annually. The amount reported and the actual value of your income have to match; if it is verified and the values ​​do not match at any time, you will have to pay the remaining amount, which will imply reprocessing.

Remember that the requirements just mentioned are essential to apply for health insurance, and there are plans and prices stipulated for the health market. Suppose at any time a company offers you to join health insurance with Obamacare without you having to define immigration status or offering you much lower prices than the standard, be careful. In that case, it could be a scam, which is not allowed by law.

Why is it worth having health insurance?

The high costs of health services in the United States are the main reason many Hispanics go bankrupt, so you must be cautious and take care of your savings and your family’s assets. Remember that in addition to basic health insurance, you can also access dental and visual health plans. Keep in mind that acquiring your health insurance while being an Obamacare beneficiary does not affect your application process for the definition of your immigration status in any way.

Apply to Obamacare at any time of the year


In summary

You can apply for the subsidy provided by Obamacare to have health insurance at any time of the year. You might comply at least with one of the special events, such as getting married, changing cities or Zip Codes, changing jobs, and earning more or less money. There is also a special event if you are managing to obtain a work permit, applying for your residence, or a new member has arrived in your family: a baby was born, or you adopted a child or someone in your family died. Additionally, to obtain health insurance, you must have a defined immigration status and file taxes.

You have many advantages when accessing your health insurance with Obamacare; you can choose the plan that best suits your needs and budget. And the best thing is that you can do it any time of the year. Remember that this process will be much easier and faster if you have the support of an expert on the subject. At Preventty – USA Specialty Insurance, we are willing to advise you whenever you need it and at no cost.

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