Benefits of Obtaining Your Obamacare Health Insurance with Preventty – Insurance Agency

September 13, 2023 Health & Life Insurance

If you are a newcomer to the United States, are seeking health insurance for foreigners, and want to know how to access health insurance with Obamacare, we’ll explain everything you need to understand to start your application.

Benefits of Accessing Health Insurance with Preventty

There is a significant difference between accessing health insurance on your own and applying for it with a specialized insurance agency that has a team of insurance experts. When you acquire health insurance with Preventty – Insurance Agency, you will find extra benefits that you won’t have if you decide to do it on your own. Some of the benefits include:


  • Guidance from an insurance expert who can help you make the best decision based on your needs.
  • Partnerships with a wide network of insurers in the United States.
  • Digital ID card delivery.
  • Assistance in scheduling medical appointments with providers and specialists.
  • Provision of lists of doctors and care networks.
  • Assistance in assigning a primary care physician near your area.
  • Guidance with billing errors for medical care.
  • Follow-up on pending affiliation documents.
  • Follow-up on monthly payments.
  • Assistance if you change states or have a new family member.
  • Requirements for Obtaining Your Obamacare Health Insurance.

Requirements to Obtain Your Health Insurance with Obamacare

It is common to think, especially when you are an immigrant in the United States, that to access quality healthcare through Obamacare health insurance, you strictly need to have residency or citizenship, but this is incorrect. 

Applying for Obamacare is a relatively simple process. If you have recently arrived in the country and have a work permit, a letter 797 letter, a humanitarian parole support letter (political asylum), are in the process of obtaining residency or citizenship, or have a notice of action you can apply for health coverage.

The only two requirements you must meet are:

  • Declare income and pay taxes or consider doing so for the next year.
  • Have one of the immigration statuses mentioned above.

Apply for your health insurance during the Open Enrollment period

Open Enrollment refers to the open registration period to acquire health insurance with tax benefits. In most states, Open Enrollment begins on November 1st and ends on December 15th. In other states, it starts on November 1st and may end on December 31st, January 15th, or January 31st.

Enrolling in health insurance during the designated Open Enrollment period significantly simplifies the registration process, allowing you to have coverage for the entire 12-month period starting on January 1st.

On the other hand, the Open Enrollment season is ideal for making changes or renewing your current health insurance plan without the need for special requirements. If you want to make adjustments to your health plan at any other time of the year outside the Open Enrollment period, you will need to meet some special requirements, such as:

  • Getting married.
  • Having a baby.
  • Moving and changing your residential address.
  • Losing the health insurance coverage you had.
  • Increasing or decreasing your annual income.

Dates to Apply for Your Health Insurance

Before we begin, it’s important to clarify that you can access Obamacare health insurance at any time of the year during the Special Enrollment period, as long as you can demonstrate that you qualify for at least one of the life events stipulated by law. However, it’s ideal to apply for Obamacare 2024 during the dates specified by the health marketplace during Open Enrollment.

  • November 1, 2023: Open enrollment season begins.
  • December 15, 2023: Deadline for enrollment to have your health coverage active starting on January 1.
  • January 15, 2024: Last day to enroll, marking the end of the enrollment period for 2024. Your coverage would start on February 1.
  • Knowing that you have health insurance provides peace of mind and reduces stress and anxiety associated with potential medical costs. It ensures that you and your family can access medical care when needed.

These dates should always be verified, as they may change depending on the state in which you reside.

Life can be unpredictable, and circumstances can change. The open enrollment season is an opportunity to reassess your healthcare needs and make adjustments to your coverage based on changes in income, family size, or health status.

In summary,

Acquiring low-cost health insurance during the open enrollment of Obamacare with a reliable insurance agency is a crucial step in safeguarding your health and financial well-being. It ensures access to care, promotes preventive health measures and offers peace of mind in an ever-changing healthcare landscape. Taking advantage of the open enrollment season is a guarantee for the health of individuals and migrant families in the United States.