Dental and vision Insurance

February 16, 2023 Health & Life Insurance

The dental and vision insurance plans are complementary to your health insurance policy. It means you do not need health insurance for dental and eye protection. You can request your dental and vision insurance plan at any time of the year regardless of whether or not you have defined immigration status, except that you are located in Texas, in which case you would need to have your migratory status defined.

If you still need to learn how to access this type of insurance and its benefits, sit back and read carefully. Here, we will tell you everything you need to know about it.

Advantages of accessing a dental health plan


  • Immediate activation

One of the main advantages of accessing these services is that they do not require a waiting period to carry out a medical assessment. From day one, once you pay for the policy, you can start using the code member assigned to you. Theinsurance company can cover up to 100% of the cost of the service.

  • Access for all nationalities

In addition to the fact that it is not necessary to have a defined immigration status, there is also no exclusivity for nationalities; you can access the services regardless of the country you come from. Remember that dental and vision health services are expensive when accessed privately. 

  • Individual & Family Health Insurance Coverage

Another point in favor is that you can choose whether you will be the only beneficiary or, on the contrary, you want the coverage to include members of your family, whether they are children or a spouse.

  • Fixed monthly premiums

The cost you paid when you purchased your plan for the first time will be the same regardless of how long you will use the service. In short, if the initial cost of the policy was 5 USD, this will be the value you will continue to pay each month and the following year.

Main dental services

All dental policies have two guaranteed services: preventive services and essential services. The preventive ones are, for example, dental cleanings (you are entitled to two during the year). On the other hand, we have essential services: dental amalgams, resins, anesthesia, extraction of pieces, etc.

There is another slightly more complex policy designed for patients with more significant damage at the oral level; these include services such as crowns, bridges, oral surgeries, and other procedures with a higher degree of complexity.



Vision Insurance Plan

By acquiring this policy, you will have access to the visits and check-ups of the Optometrist through fixed copayments. After the review and diagnosis, you can choose between glasses or contact lenses according to your preference.

Like the dental plan, vision insurance handles a partnership with the United Healthcare company. You can use visual health services as soon as you make the payment. Likewise, your monthly payment will be the one set at the beginning.


In summary

Dental and vision insurance are essential for you and your family. Plan and set an agenda to visit the doctor, thus guaranteeing good health and well-being. If you have questions about acquiring your dental and vision insurance plans, do not hesitate to write to us for free advice: