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Life Insurance – Coverage for all

At Preventty, your concerns are our priority. Our life insurance plans thus aim at providing optimal financial security to you and your family. Our team always guides you through selecting an insurance plan that fits your budget and needs.

Why Should You Trust Preventty?

You can trust Preventty for life insurance because we provide:

  • Life Insurance, no matter your migratory status
  • Insurance tailored to your unique needs
  • A coverage that supports you all time
  • Comprehensive coverage in your budget
  • Family benefits, even if they are not based in the US

Clock Term Life Insurance

Need coverage for a definite time frame? A comprehensive term life insurance can handle all your worries related to short-term debt, child education, critical illness, or more. It is a protection plan for your family if you suffer from a life-threatening disease or untimely death. It offers financial support at a fixed premium rate for a specific time. It is affordable and customizable as per your needs. 

Our team is available to guide you through the process. You can opt for 10, 20, or 30-year plans and select the type of payout you want to receive, including lump sum, monthly, or a combination of both payments. With our team's guidance, your family can live worry-free.

Life Permanent Life Insurance

Permanent life insurance is the best way to secure your family's future. In your absence, the benefit helps your family sustain amid the loss of financial sources. Depending on the premium type, a life insurance covers mortgage costs, educational expenses, etc. Whether it is untimely death or critical illness, a suitable insurance with cash value is an asset.

Need assistance? Let our insurance experts be your guide. We help you find the right insurance plan with optimal coverage in your budget. With years of experience, our team is happy to assist you in selecting the best insurance. 

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    Seguro de vida

    What you should know to get a Life Insurance

    It is an insurance that provides financial security and guarantees the quality of life to your family in case of mortal disease or death.

    Life insurance is used in case of serious illness or death. It guarantees that you or your family is going to have the economic stability to pay previous obligations as it is the education of your children, mortgage or debt payment.

    It is important because it is the best way to ensure the welfare and quality of life of your family in the future, in case of an undesired event as mortal disease or death.

    • Accelerate the benefits in case of disease, to have the financial support in life without being conditioned to death.
    • Underage is protected.
    • Economic stability in case of an undesired event happens. It does not matter your migratory status.
    • Worldwide coverage, without any increase in your policy.
    • Saving opportunity. Permanent Policies.

    You do not need to have a migratory status defined if you have a valid passport from your country of origin. You can apply if: you are American citizen, resident, you have a work permit; you are Mexican and has a valid consular registration; you have a valid passport from your country of origin and have the ITIN.

    The value of Life Insurance can vary according to the age, health condition and lifestyle habits.

    You do not need to have an SSN to obtain your Life Insurance. There are insurance companies that offer coverages with no need to have a Social Security Number.

    We assist you to help you choose an option tailored to your family's needs

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    Insurance Agent
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