General liability covers common trucking risks

In addition to the risks of operating a truck, small trucking companies face the same liabilities as any other small business. That includes accidental customer injuries and damage to customer property. General liability insurance covers the most common types of third-party injuries and accidents like:


Customer injuries

If a customer or delivery person had an accident in your facilities, there’s a chance you could be blamed for the injury. General liability insurance covers:

-Medical expenses -Attorney’s fees -Court-ordered judgments -Funeral expenses in fatal incidents.

*This policy does not cover employee injuries. For that, you’ll need
workers’ compensation insurance


Customer property damage

In the trucking industry, even a simple mistake can be costly. General liability insurance protects your business when customer property is damaged.

For example, if a trucker drops heavy boxes onto weak shelving at a client’s business and breaks it, your general liability policy could help pay for the cost of replacing it.


Advertising injuries

While advertising your company and its trucking services, your small business could be vulnerable to advertising injury lawsuits. General liability insurance covers:

- Defamation, both libel (written) and slander (spoken) - Copyright infringement

An accident or lawsuit could devastate a small trucking business. Gain protection against the unexpected with insurance coverage that matches your risks.

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Top trucking businesses we insure

  • Freight brokers and forwarders
  • Owner operators
  • Tow trucks

Other important policies for trucking firms

While general liability insurance covers basic trucking risks, it doesn’t cover damages related to your vehicle. Commercial auto insurance pays for truck accidents, vehicle theft, vandalism, and weather damage. Plus, it’s a legal requirement for any business-owned vehicle.

Liability Policy Insurance

What do you need to know to acquire the General Liability Insurance?

Trucking businesses that purchase commercial auto insurance often:

  • Have a vehicle titled to their business
  • Drive to and from worksites
  • Carry tools, equipment, or products used for work
  • Transport clients or employees
  • Rely on delivery drivers or couriers

Check the laws in your state to see when coverage is required.