Better rates for truckloads to Canada

Better rates for truckloads to Canada

July 5, 2022 News

Nowadays, Diesel prices are a headache for all in the trucking business. However, getting better rates for loads to Canada can help your business finances.

If you owe a Reefer, Dryvan, or Flatbed truck, moving loads to Canada might be a good deal for your Freight Company. Canada is a country in constant need of fresh produce carried in Reefer or Dryvan trucks from Utah, California, Oregon, Washington, and Wyoming. This country also needs construction materials and equipment, machinery, and auto parts carried in Flatbed trucks from ports in California.

To transport loads to Canada you will need a special permit: Canada Permit. To process the permit your transportation company needs to fulfill all the following requirements:

1. Having an Interstate Freight Company, which means having the authorization to work nationwide.
2. Be up to date with the FMCSA.
3. Having Liability Insurance for One Million Dollars.
4- Canada Bond.

Preventty:- USA Specialty Insurance can advise your business on:

  • How to get the Canada Permit
  • Verify if your Trucking Insurance fulfills the coverage to apply to the CAN Permit.
  • Getting round trip loads for your company.

In case your company can not apply for the CAN Permit, but you know a friend who can be interested, please share this information!

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