This coverage is specifically geared for the personal exposure, eligible types are a private passenger auto and pick up less than 10,000 pounds and is not used to transport goods or materials, eligible types rules provide for issuance only to an individual, or related persons, or unrelated persons who reside together. Requires for a newly acquire auto: collision coverage for newly acquire auto begins on the date you become the owner, ask to your agency within:

  • 14 days after you become he owner if the deflations indicate that one collision coverage applies to at least one auto. In this case, the newly acquire auto will have the broadest coverage we now provide for any auto show in thedeclarations.
  • 4 days after you become the owner if the declarations do not indicate that collision coverage applies to at least one auto, if you comply with the 4-day requirement and a loss occurred before you asked us to insurance the car. Collision deductible of 500 may apply.

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